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We decided to gift an experience for our collective anniversaries, and had an absolute blast!
We did the Baker Street Mystery. It was our second attempt to solve this mystery and with a great deal of collaborative effort we with moments to spare solved it!!! We all had a seriously good time!
We debriefed over a special dinner together making for a most memorable Anniversary adventure!

Sandy B.

Trip Advisor

Had a fantastic but challenging hour trying to solve the Baker Street mystery. Didn't quite solve it but got very close. Still very much worth the money. Better than video games any day and great family bonding experience.


Trip Advisor

We combined our husbands birthdays and did the Baker Street Mystery escape room. It was so challenging, in the best kind of way. We had so much fun! Each time we figured something out it was such a thrill. 

Hannah E.

Trip Advisor


You are a group of the world's most accomplished detectives with thousands of mysteries solved. There has been no case that you and your fellow detectives haven't been able to solve. Time-sensitive, cold case, you name it, you've solved it. 

The crime in London is pretty run of the mill - occasional missing person, murders, etc. The tedium of the same mysteries has you detectives bored, until now. 

The London crime scene has taken a dramatic shift ever since the self-proclaimed Baker Street 5 came to the area. A notorious gang of hardened criminals that have been giving you detectives an actual challenge.  For the most part, you have been able to stay one step ahead of them. 

That is, until...

You receive an anonymous tip that there has been a murder in the area linked to The Baker Street 5. You were told to meet at a designated address to receive additional inlet. Intrigued, you play along. Yourself and your crew make your way briskly through the cover of night to the agreed-upon destination. Mist hugging the corners of the high rise flats and a slight drizzle permeates the air.  

You are met with an encrypted note: 

-... . -.-- --- -. -.. / - .... . / -.. --- --- .-. / .-.. .- -.-- / -.-- --- ..- .-. / .- -. ... .-- . .-. ... .-.-.- / - .. -- . / .. ... / --- ..-. / - .... . / . ... ... . -. -.-. . / -.. . - . -.-. - .. ...- . ... .-.-.- ~ Baker Street 5

Quickly realizing this was Morse code, you translate it to read: 
"Beyond the door lie your answers. Time is of the essence, detectives."  

Never turning down a good mystery, you open the door and make your way into the flat. 

Upon entry, you find that there seems to be an unsettling calmness about the flat. Things look orderly. There isn't a dead body. You're intrigued. 

Right as you all begin to disperse to look for further information, the door behind you slams shut! You've been fooled, you're trapped. 

A light illuminates a voice recorder on the desk. 

You begin to listen. 

You quickly find out that this is much more than a simple murder mystery. This is much more than anything you have been assigned. 

Someone is playing games with you. Little do they know, you are some of the most intellectual detectives alive. 

Quickly, work together to uncover everything that is going on here! Find the clues, solve the puzzles, and get to the bottom of this mystery! London is counting on you! We can't let the Baker Street 5 cause any more damage. Your chance to take them down is now!

Baker Street Mystery

Limited Time: 2/2/22-10/31/22
Group Size: 2-6 
Duration: 70 Minutes
​Prices From:  $50 per person 
(full price breakdown)
*Price per person does NOT include booking fee


Intellectual, Observative, Smart, Inspired By Sherlock Holmes




Baker Street Mystery challenges players to solve a murder mystery while attempting to dismantle the notorious Baker Street Five, a high-profile gang that has been terrorizing Victorian London. Can you carefully observe your surroundings, pick up on the subtlest of clues, and correctly piece together the information to identify the members of the Baker Street Five before the trail grows cold?   ​

Additional Info:

This escape room is wheelchair and handicap friendly.

This escape room is not scary. 

​This escape room is not claustrophobic. 

This escape room may tap into your inner genius.

Baker Street Mystery is definitely More Than An Escape Room™

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