The Cabin Trilogy

The award-winning Cabin experience - reinvented and told in 3 parts. Episodes 1 and 2 will be limited to a 3 month run time with limited tickets available. Each episode will be a 100% unique experience. The 3rd episode will be The Cabin, but different from any Cabin experience you have ever done. The 3rd episode will become the permanent Cabin experience. Whether you have played The Cabin or not, these 3 experiences can not be missed. Rich with lore, drenched in horror, a 3 part immersive storytelling escape room.

EPISODE 1 - The Cabin

Run Time: 

Feb. 3rd - June 13th

Group Size: 3-6 
Duration: 70 Minutes
​Prices From:  $45 per person
*Price per person does NOT include booking fee


Thrilling, Scary, Paranormal, Intense, Immersive, May Not Be Suitable For Children




Everything has a beginning. Everything has changed.

You may think you’re familiar with the horror that surrounds the McKay family, but you aren’t. You may have heard the rumors, but they don’t capture the full story. There is so much more.

We are back to the beginning. Matty is missing and evil forces, darker than you can fathom, are at work. You are the final hope. You are tasked with finding Matty McKay and putting an end to the family’s horror once and for all.

I suppose it’s too late for you to go back now. Everything has started and there is no escape. Will you rise to the challenge?

Additional Info:

The Cabin, Episode 1 may not be suitable for the younger crowd in its normal iteration. During your experience, you may or may not have live actors. You may not interact with these live actors, but they may interact with you. They are there to provide dynamic moments, further your story, and of course provide some amazing scary instances. ​This experience is not wheelchair friendly.

Alternative Gamemodes: 

Don't like scary things? Fair enough! You can still play The Cabin, Episode 1. If you book The Cabin and then give us a call at least one hour prior to your booking and ask for the non-scary version we will accommodate your request. You can not ask for this accommodation when you arrive. NOTE: We DO NOT recommend playing this way because it does deviate from the intended experience and the delivery of the game. If you strip away the scary and actors you are still left with an awesome story line, amazing puzzles, and engaging clues, so don't let the scary factor deter you from this experience. (This option would be more suitable for the younger crowd) 

EPISODE 2 - The Cabin

Run Time:

June 30th - September 12th

Info Unlocked: June 3rd

Info Unlocked: September 16th

Open Date: September 29th

EPISODE 3 - The Cabin