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Group of 8 did the Mayan Curse, pure fun for all! Even though large group, there was enough that each of us were busy thinking, looking, excavating.


Trip Advisor

Oh, no! We are cursed for eternity because we failed to solve the Curse Of The Mayan Ruins, but we sure had fun trying. Since this was the first time for most of our party to be in an escape room there was definitely a learning curve but the game master was really good at keeping us going. We have discussed going back to try again - it would be nice to lift this curse!


Trip Advisor

There's no experience like the kinds that you can find at Escape Hour Gig Harbor; the people are kind and helpful, the rooms are challenging (but not impossible), you can set your own pace with hints and help, and discounts are offered with repeat attempts- I love this place!

Adam B.

Trip Advisor

Curse of the Mayan Ruins

Group Size: 2-8 
Duration: 60 Minutes
​Prices From:  $42 per person 
(full price breakdown)
*Price per person does NOT include booking fee



Mysterious, Discovery, Adventurous, New, Inspired By Indiana Jones




The dimly lit corridors and maze-like hallways had us archaeologists intrigued. Stumbling upon what seems to be an undiscovered Mayan temple was more than fantastic news for our newly budding careers. With adrenaline running through our veins and aspirations in our eyes we investigated further. It seemed with every turn there was more and more treasure to be found and great discoveries ahead. Although with each new finding, the air became colder, we all began to feel uneasy; this omnipresence was deafening. Something is happening.  The further we explored the more lost we felt, until.... we stumbled upon a tomb, the entrance behind us slammed shut. Where are we? What's happening? With anxieties rising we fight to find a way out. Something is off, there is an unknown presence here. A consuming presence. We must escape before it's too late.    ​

Additional Info:

This escape room is wheelchair and handicap friendly. 

This experience is not scary. 

This adventure may be to awesome for us mere humans.

This escape room is not claustrophobic. ​

Curse of the Mayan Ruins is definitely More Than An Escape Room™

Beautiful South America. Rich with history, wildlife, and undiscovered mysteries! A perfect place for aspiring archaeologists like yourself! Words going around that there may be undiscovered Mayan Ruins in the area that you're currently investigating. This would be huge for your newly budding careers. If you were able to find a place that no one has discovered and possibly teeming with historic artifacts, your life would never be the same.  Time to switch gears. With the potential of a huge payoff you pack up your current expedition and start packing for a new adventure. Will it pay off? What lies ahead? Only one way to find out! *cue some epic Indiana Jones inspired music.

During your packing you receive a radio call. 

*radio static ~ "Come in, can you hear me? This is Arthur Ballard, partner of Franklin Garfield. We are the founders of the Artifact Recovery Institute and we need your help! We have found a Mayan Ruins that has never been discovered before and since you're in the area we'd like you to spearhead this expedition! We know you are new to the scene but you show great potential and we think you will do amazing things! What do you say?" 

Even though you weren't the ones to make the discovery, sounds like you'll be the first to explore what's inside and you can not pass up this once in a lifetime opportunity.  Quickly, you make arrangements for your team to rendezvous at the provided coordinates.  What you were met with upon arrival was more beautiful, more awe inspiring, more mysterious than you could have ever imagined. A magnificent Mayan structure with one entry point at the very top. Consumed by amazement, you never question how this structure has never been discovered before or how it's still in such great condition.   

You are met by associates of the A.R.I. where they give you a mission brief from Arthur Ballard. It's your time to shine! You and your team ascend the historic monument with confidence and excitement. 

You arrive to the entrance of the Mayan Ruins. You are met by amazing Mayan architecture, winding corridors, and many questions. Without a second thought, you explore further. Before you know it, the light from the entrance fades and you aren't quite sure where you are. Confident in your navigational skills, you don't worry. With each turn, you discover more beauty and treasures that blow any other findings you have ever discovered out of the water.  Though it seems with each turn the air becomes cold, your crew becomes wary; something is unsettling. You just don't know what.

Your crew and yourself stumble upon what looks like some sort of tomb. Suddenly the passageway from where you came collapses! You're trapped! Scrambling for an exit you begin to feel an overwhelming presence. Unexplained phenomena start to happen. What's going on? What are we going to do? What is this presence? There is definitely more to the story than initially communicated. You need to figure out what's actually going on here. Uncover the mystery, Find a way. It doesn't look like you have much time. Whatever is controlling this tomb doesn't seem like it can be anything good. Quickly now!

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