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As an escape room junkie, the concept of Midnight Manor has me hooked already. I'm eager to experience the haunting legacy and confront the passage of time in this unique setting.

Ethan B.


The anticipation is killing me! The mix of mystery, family secrets, and the countdown to midnight in this new escape room is everything I love. Sign me up!

Oliva S.


Midnight Manor looks like the most thrilling escape room yet. The tale of time and revenge really sends chills down my spine. Can't wait to take on the challenge!"

Robert D.



(read prior to your experience)

Long ago, inside the heart of this manor, there resided a sacred grandfather clock and the person who tended to it—a timekeeper named Jenkins. This clock not only kept the household to their schedules, but it safeguarded a priceless memento belonging to Jenkins, an item given to him by his wife before her untimely death.

Tragedy struck, however, when a groundskeeper, driven by greed, pilfered the clock's contents. Bereft of his cherished possession, Jenkins perished from a broken heart, leaving the manor dormant and abandoned for many years to come.

That is until the same thieving groundskeeper received an enigmatic letter, inviting him back to the manor once more—tempting him with hidden treasure. The house, now enchanted with darkness, yearned to exact revenge.

It is said the groundskeeper was never seen again, having fallen victim to the vengeful presence inside the manor. Legend tells that at each stroke of midnight, the manor now releases toxic gas, ensnaring souls within its sinister grasp. Generations of the groundskeeper's family were trapped for thirty years, except for one fortunate escapee. Over time, the truth blurred into folklore, becoming a chilling ghost story whispered among your family during yearly reunions.

But one fateful night, a letter arrived at your door, bearing an ominous message and a key. Familiar yet inexplicable, it invited you to claim your inheritance at the dreaded midnight manor.

Perplexed by the letter's authenticity, you pondered whether it was an elaborate prank. But deep down, you sensed the weight of destiny upon your shoulders. As the rightful heir, the time had come to confront the haunting legacy that awaited within the manor's shadows. With every heartbeat, the midnight hour drew nearer, urging you to uncover the truth or risk becoming yet another victim of this timeless malevolence.

Now that you're here, eerie whispers reverberate through the walls, and elongated shadows dance ominously. With every step, you unearth clues that point to a disturbing pattern: each death occurred precisely at the stroke of midnight. Something precious had been taken, and it is your duty to recover it. As the relentless passage of time weighs upon you, every tick of the clock feels like a step closer to your impending fate.

Are you ready to accept the challenge, unveil the secrets of the midnight manor and claim your birthright before it claims you?

Midnight Manor

Group Size: 2-6
Duration: 60 Minutes
​Prices From:  $42 per person 
(full price breakdown)
*Price per person does NOT include booking fee

Eerie, Ominous, Victorian, Suspicious inheritance, Dimly lit



Venture into the heart of Midnight Manor, a place where time doesn't just tick, it plots revenge. Haunted by a vengeful presence and shrouded in a chilling family legend, this once vibrant manor now bares its teeth at the stroke of midnight. As the rightful heir, you're drawn into a sinister dance of shadows and whispers, on a mission to unearth the truth hidden deep within its eerie walls. Tick-tock, can you reclaim what's rightfully yours from the relentless passage of time before you become its next victim? Will you dare to challenge the manor's haunting legacy, or will it claim you at midnight's chime? It's not just a clock, it's a countdown... to your destiny. Are you ready?

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