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"Site was very clean and maintained. COVID precautions closely followed. The staff was wonderful and The Cabin expedition was superb. We went as a family and had the best time. We were all talking about it for hours and days after! We are already planning the next visit. I highly recommend it."

Jes C.

Trip Advisor

This was our first time going to the Escape Hour. (The Cabin) was a blast! Great details, fun characters, and just overall fun! We are a family that loves mysteries so we will definitely go again!

Michelle G.

Trip Advisor

This past weekend, we had an out of town family member visiting and decided to book another room, ‘The Cabin’. It was SO. MUCH. FUN! Easily the best escape rooms we’ve done so far! Again, I cannot praise them enough for all of the time, effort, and detail these guys have put into the experience...

Maggie M.

Trip Advisor


(read prior to your experience)

Henry and Elizabeth McKay met, fell in love, and traveled the world together, collecting tomes, antiques, and relics from exotic locales. The couple’s lives became even brighter when they found out Elizabeth was pregnant with a little girl. In preparation for her arrival, they quickly settled down.

Things took a surprising turn when Elizabeth got the news she was very sick. She didn’t have much time left. When Henry found out, he was distraught and was determined to find a way to cure his wife.

He quickly traveled back to a village he’d been to before - a village that was said to be the creation site of an ancient healing stone, a relic used centuries ago. When he arrived, he pleaded for his wife and begged the village medicine woman to give him the rumored healing stone. She told him it existed but that it was dangerous. The cost of carrying the stone was great. The stone had a legend: “I bring light to the darkness and darkness to the light.” She warned against pursuing this item any further and refused to give him what he sought.

Blinded by desperation, Henry disregarded the woman’s words. He stole the stone and returned to Elizabeth - it had since been fashioned into a necklace. It was said that wearing the necklace would cure any ailment, and that proved to be true. When Elizabeth put it on, it did, in fact, cure her. Elizabeth was able to give birth to their daughter, and she named her Matty.

The necklace was sure to reap its consequence, however. Over the years, the McKay family noticed their home becoming different. Noises in the night, items moving without being touched, voices in their minds. Thinking the necklace to be the cause of the unrest, Henry eventually tucked it away in Elizabeth’s jewelry box.

One day, Matty, who had been playing in her mother’s things, walked into Henry’s study. He noticed she wore the necklace. In a panic, Henry ripped the necklace off her neck, causing part of it to break off. Henry didn’t notice as it broke, but Matty did. Henry locked up part of the necklace and hid it from his family, but not before Matty managed to grab the small broken stone. She held it tightly.

When Henry got back to the study, Matty was gone. Searching for her was futile. She was nowhere to be found. Henry and Elizabeth searched their home and property for a full day before realizing it was hopeless.

Suddenly and strangely, a knock came on their door. A man named Adam Monie stood on their porch and introduced himself as a paranormal investigator. He said he felt they needed him. The McKay’s explained everything - from the healing stone to their now-missing daughter. Mr. Monie suggested they hurry and travel back to the village where the necklace came from. He told them to speak with the medicine woman. She would have answers. Adam said he would investigate the house with his crew and see if his efforts could bring their daughter back.

Adam sent in his crew to help investigate the house and insisted they find where Henry had hidden the necklace.

This is where you came in.

Adam hired you to investigate the McKay house, find the ancient necklace, and locate their missing daughter.

Their house was filled with voices, screaming, and threats around every corner.

The longer you remained in the house, the worse the evil became. You frantically searched until you finally found her - Matty McKay, Henry and Elizabeth’s missing daughter.

But something was wrong. She was trapped - stuck in a ghostly dimension - and you watched as something unholy dragged her into the darkness.

It was now or never. Searching the house armed you with the lost relic and instructions on how to summon the child back. You quickly followed the directions presented to you. As you chanted the summoning spell, you soon learned you summoned a dark entity - one that has been hunting down the relic for itself for centuries and who will destroy anyone in its path.

What you didn’t know is that you also brought back Matty. In the chaos of the demon being released, you didn’t notice her small frame in the corner. You didn’t notice the small broken jewel clutched in her closed fist - the piece broken from the necklace.

The summoned demon, now free, scooped up the necklace and disappeared into a hellish dimension. The demon, not knowing the necklace was incomplete, has left the family alone - for now. I’m not sure what will happen when he realizes part of the relic remains with the McKay child. He may very well return.

And he will stop at nothing until the necklace is complete.

Henry and Elizabeth McKay were devastated when their daughter, Matty, went missing. They blamed both her disappearance and the evil in their home on an ancient relic - a ruby necklace meant to cure Elizabeth from a terminal illness. Upon discovering their daughter and the necklace were missing, they travelled to the relic’s creation site in hopes of finding answers.

The secrets they uncovered on this trip confirmed their fears. They were marked for death. They were being hunted.

Unbeknownst to them, a summoning ritual was taking place back at their house. It was conducted by a crew working for Adam Monie, Paranormal Investigator. This ritual was intended to bring back the McKay’s daughter, but it also managed to summon a demon intent on taking the relic for itself. In their panic, the investigators left the necklace behind to be taken by the entity. He took it back to his realm. The investigators barely made it out of the house with their lives.

Distraught at what they learned from their trip, Henry and Elizabeth returned to their home. They were desperate to speak with Adam Monie (who you and your team now know to be the actual demon in disguise) but when they got home he was gone. They did find their daughter, however. She was sitting in their study - alone, scared, and different. She clutched a broken piece of the necklace in her hand.

The McKay’s quickly packed what they could and immediately hit the road. Their plan was to hide away in their Cabin which was several states away, but the journey was long. They needed to rest. Halfway to their Cabin they saw a motel on the side of the road. They decided to stop for the night.

Angered by the fact the relic was incomplete, the demon had returned to this plane in search of the broken piece - the piece Matty carried with her - and he planned to do whatever he could to get it back.

You know now what took place at the Monie Motel. Elizabeth was tragically killed in her attempts to save her family and Henry and Matty seemed to have escaped -vanished without a trace. You and your team found the broken piece of the necklace, however, and made a trade with the demon, Adam Monie, in order to secure your safe passage out of the motel. He was appeased by the trade and let you leave, but as you left, preparing to continue your search for the remaining family members, you remembered the warning scribbled by Elizabeth on the bathroom walls.

“Don’t go after Henry … He now goes by No Face.”


(this is a 100% different cabin from any other cabin experiences we have done in the past - this experience launched in 2022.) 

Group Size: 2-8 
Duration: 60 Minutes
​Prices From:  $42 per person 
(full price breakdown)
*Price per person does NOT include booking fee



Thrilling, Exciting, Suspenseful, Scary, May Not Be Suitable For Children.  ​



It was a close call back at the Monie Motel. You would not have escaped were it not for quick thinking and a well-timed trade with a devious demon. 

You can’t believe you’ve beat death twice in your attempt to help the McKay family, but you have a feeling that your work isn’t done yet. Elizabeth’s final warning plays on repeat in your mind “Do not go after Henry… he now goes by No Face.” However, now that you are free from the motel you know what you need to do. Matty might be in danger. You need to find them.

It took some digging, but you were able to speak with a few locals that saw a frazzled man and a scared girl head northeast, in the direction of their Cabin. The McKay’s have quite a large head-start, but you are now hot on their trail. 

Can you catch up with them in time? Will you be able to bring an end to this madness once and for all? You will need to muster all your courage and prepare yourself for a new, unsettling evil before attempting to uncover what awaits you in The Cabin: Final Chapter

Additional Info:

The Cabin: Final Chapter may not be suitable for the younger crowd in its normal iteration. During your experience, you may or may not have live actors. You may not interact with these live actors, but they may interact with you. They are there to provide dynamic moments, further your story, and of course provide some amazing scary instances. ​This experience is not wheelchair-friendly. 

Alternative Gamemodes: 

Don't like scary things? Fair enough! You can still play The Cabin: Final Chapter. If you book The Cabin and then give us a call at least one hour prior to your booking and ask for the non-scary version we will accommodate your request. You can not ask for this accommodation when you arrive. NOTE: We DO NOT recommend playing this way because it does deviate from the intended experience and the delivery of the game. If you strip away the scary and actors you are still left with an awesome storyline, amazing puzzles, and engaging clues, so don't let the scary factor deter you from this experience. (This option would be more suitable for the younger crowd) 

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