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More Than An Escape Room®

Escape Hour Gig Harbor presents an epic adventure beyond the realms of traditional escape rooms. Our masterfully crafted experiences, designed and built by our elite team of Immersioneers™, offer unparalleled levels of immersion, engagement, and awe-inspiring moments. Being More Than An Escape Room® promises an adventure that will test your wit and skill, and leave you wanting more. Join us at Escape Hour Gig Harbor for an experience that will exceed your expectations.


Award-Winning Immersive Experiences.

Escape Hour Gig Harbor, the premier destination for unparalleled escape experiences. Time and again, we have been recognized as the best in the business, winning multiple awards for our masterfully crafted, immersive and engaging escape rooms. Voted as Gig Harbor's best small-business and boasting thousands of 5-star reviews, we are also Washington's top-rated escape experience destination. Come and see for yourself why we continue to be the industry leader.

I have played upwards of 400 escape rooms. Escape Hour has the best escape rooms I have ever played. Do not miss these. They're absolutely fantastic!


Redeem or Purchase 

Gift Voucher

Received a Gift Voucher? Awesomesauce! Redeem it here. Want to give the best gift you could give? 

Special Groups

Have a group bigger than the room's maximum and need to look into multiple room options? Want to book at time that isn't listed? Or do you have an event you want to plan? You would be a "Special Group".

Passport Program

No these are not like your travel passports. These are escape room enthusiast passports! Gather stamps of the experiences that you have done all around the world. If you purchase a passport from us, you can redeem a lot of perks! 


We have a huge fan base of thousands on Facebook and each month hundreds of them win free escape hour collectibles. Get involved now and become a Top Fan!

Our Escape Experiences

Midnight Manor (NEW)

Dare the dance of shadows in Midnight Manor: can you reclaim your legacy from time's grasp before midnight claims you?

The Cabin: Final Chapter 

A thrilling, paranormal adventure that will bring you face to face with the inner demons of a family marked for death. This is not for the faint of heart! Enter their Cabin if you dare, but be warned: Only the most resilient will survive. 

Curse of the Mayan Ruins

Archaeology has taken you to a lot of amazing and mysterious places. But everything pales in comparison to what you've stumbled upon here. Deep within a south American jungle lay a Mayan Mystery. Your adventure starts now.

Legend of Theradonia

Lox The Archmage of Theradonia awaits you, champion. With your aid, we can rid the evil that has inhabited a once peaceful land. Your portal awaits. Do you step in?

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