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A group of us five moms had a blast in the Legend of Theradonia. The rooms were intricately detailed and beautiful and the staff was fun and friendly. I highly recommend!!


Trip Advisor

Theradonia is like living a fairytale in real life. Magic, mystery, and the nicest staff you can ask for. A must try!

Josh C.

Trip Advisor

Fantastic experience. Staff interaction during the event made it exciting and fun. We had a blast. Will go back for more.

Suzanne S.

Trip Advisor

Theradonia is recognized as the most magical place in all of the realms. Energized by mystical beings and creatures; a peaceful, gentle, unforgettable place. Theradonia is home to three orbs. These orbs, when together, provide all of the magic that permeates Theradonia.  The orbs are sacred artifacts protected by the Archmage, the most powerful being of Theradonia and possibly of all 6 realms.  Though with great magic comes great adversity. The Goblin King along with his horde of goblin minions have been trying to usurp these orbs from Theradonia for millennia. Their goal is to use the orbs for evil, to rule their realm and eventually all others. The goblins have been unsuccessful in their efforts, until now. The Archmage was called for assistance in settling some issues that arose in another realm. During his absence, he received word that goblins were spotted around Theradonia. While on his way back, he was ambushed! Come to find out, the goblins caught word of his absence and took this opportunity to take 2 out of the 3 orbs!

Mustering an immense amount of magical energy, the Archmage evades capture and defeats the initial threat in his immediate area. He receives word that Theradonia is completely overwhelmed and it may be too late. It is believed that the goblins have yet to exit Theradonia with the 2 orbs and during the commotion the 3rd has gone missing.  


The Archmage must think quickly or all will be lost. 

The Archmage flies into the air and casts a barrier spell around Theradonia in hopes of keeping the orbs from making their way out. He then uses the last of his energy to blur the lines between all 6 realms and send this message. 

"Heed my call. I call upon your realms' greatest champions! Together, we can take back Theradonia, overthrow the Goblin King, and restore peace to our realms!" 

​It's time for you to accept the quest given to you by the Archmage. Be the champion that Theradonia needs. Recover all of the orbs and restore magic among all of the realms! 

If you don't, the Goblin King will ensure that evil and darkness reign over all of the realms for eternity. 

Move hastily now! The Archmage can only keep the barrier and the realm portals open for so long! Conquer this quest and forever be remembered as a legend!

Legend of Theradonia

Group Size: 2-6 
Duration: 60 Minutes
​Prices From:  $42 per person 
(full price breakdown)
*Price per person does NOT include booking fee


Award Winning, Magical, Adventurous, Exciting, Brand New 




As years pass in our realm only moments pass in Theradonia. The war between good and evil rages on as the Goblin King begins to take over this once peaceful land full of magical creatures. Now with two of the three orbs of Theradonia stolen by the Goblin King, it is a race for the third. These orbs are what provide the magic that courses through Theradonia. In the wrong hands, all three orbs will rain down evil upon Theradonia and all will be lost forever. With no hope of winning this war, the great Archmage has blurred the lines between all 6 realms including our own in hopes that a champion will come forward and save the magic that is within all of our worlds. If evil manages to get all three orbs a great shadow will be cast upon us all and darkness will forever reign.

Additional Info:

This experience is not suitable for wheelchairs.

This experience is not scary. 

This experience may make you believe you have been transported to a new realm.

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